Kajsa Olbjörns



My name is Kajsa Olbj√∂rns and I am a jewelry designer and the creator of these collections. I have always loved design in all its forms, but my love for jewelry has always been the greatest. I fall in love with jewelry - passionately! 

All my jewelry are handmade so each piece is a unique creation. It's something I appreciate myself when I wear jewelry of other designers.

The beach glass I use is raw and found in Gotland, carefully selected and with great joy when I find THAT glass for THAT special piece of jewelry. I try to keep a line in my collection with recurring materials and shapes so that all my jewelry can be mixed together and also provide the customer with a coherent collection that allows it to grow over time. 

I hope you find something that you like and that the jewelry you choose will give you the same happiness that I felt during the making of it.

- Kajsa Olbjörns -